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General news

Spam and Christmas: The English way

Please leave your spam at the door!

Many of you may have noticed how there’s not been all that many posts recently on this toolblog. Well there’s many reasons for this. One reason is the amount of spam/adverts/fake posts that are automatically created and flood the blog on a regular basis. Yes, I had all the IP blockers and other “spammer” tools but they had no or little effect. I would come on line with every intention of writing an interesting, useful or funny post, but instead have spent all my time “weeding” the spam from my comments, sometimes 1,000 a day! As I say this was until recently, I’ve got the spam down to 10 a month, which is a lot more palatable and means I can actually get on with writing that epic blog post.

This blog uses wordpress, which in my experience has many problems when it comes to being spammed by bots, before you start! You can take all the precautions, install all the add-ons and come back to the blog the next week with 5,000 – 10,000 spam comments you need to review, and delete or approve; mostly viagra, porn, dating, Russian, Polish or just weird random medical sites! But yes, there are some real comments in there too! Real actual people reading the blog, not just spam bots!

The one thing I’ve done which helped me get the spam down was putting the Google Captcha add-on into the blog. This means that when someone writes a comment, they have to click a Captcha box next to the comment they’re posting. Humans can, but bots can’t, so this gets rid of most of the spammers immediately. So my advice would be to install Google captcha as soon as possible to make your life easier, and you will be able to write blog posts, instead of sitting for hours ploughing through spam comments and rubbish. It doesn’t get rid of everything but it will mean the difference between spending an hour and spending five minutes taking care of your spam issues.

This, in turn, means that there should be more blog posts coming more regularly in the future with hopefully some guest bloggers too. So stay tuned.

The state of tools and of Christmas..

As we move into December in a few day’s time. Our thoughts turn to Christmas and the commercialism of the high street; Who started their Christmas sales around August 31st, with all the quality street and heros they had left over from last year. Here at Langs, we try to leave it till late November before we even think about putting up trees and decorations, and even then sometimes we don’t bother with all the frills and glitz.

Obviously being a commercial enterprise, we have suppliers who offer many goods they think would make incredible Christmas gifts. Rather than just pushing all these goods, we pick the best of what’s on offer (usually 10 or 12) and then recommend these as the best available deals for Christmas. These will be put into a separate post at the beginning of December.

Christmas and looking forward to 2020 and onwards…

We have some interesting Christmas bargains this year as you will see if you look over at Langs Industrial From torches by LED Lenser to Dewalt power drills. There’s something for everyone, even as a stocking filler.

This is a good opportunity to tell you our Christmas closure times for this year. Over the Christmas period we will be closing from the 21st December 2019 and then will be back on 2nd January 2020 bright and early for the new year!

In 2020 Langs will be celebrating their 74th year of trading since Fred Lang opened his little engineer’s supply back in 1946 – Making 2021 the magical 75th anniversary year since opening.

So lots to look forward to in the next few weeks, months and even years…

Stanley/Black and Decker to buy Irwin tools!



Interesting news from the USA!  Stanley/Black and Decker who own Stanley, Black and Decker, DeWalt, Porter Cable, and Facom to name a few.  Are hoping to own another large part of the hand tooling industry.  They’ve put in a $1.95 Billion offer for Newell brands which owns Lenox, Hilmor, Dymo and Irwin tools.

As a result of this bid it’s sent Stanley Black and Decker’s share prices through the roof.  But what does this mean to you? And what does this mean to the tools in your tool box?  Will they be the same?  Will they be as good?  Will the tool lines be streamlined?  All good questions.

If we take Stanley as an example.  When Black and Decker purchased Stanley, they were a world renouned brand and extremely popular; a popularity well earned from years of producing high quality tools.  Unfortunately for some, the new company formed streamlined Stanley’s range.  Getting rid of less used and more expensive items; including their Yankee driver range, various artisan files, planes, rules, and tapes.  Many would say this is updating the company, and is progress to fit a fast passed and innovative industry.   Most of the new stanley range of products is built to the same high standard, and is still very popular.  With the influx of more in the way of power tools, many would say that Stanley is indeed on the front edge of innovation and is keeping the company current and viable.

Personally, I think Stanley products are still excellent and ever evoloving.  If they’re not popular with the customers, why make them?  So I believe that Irwin, Lenox, Hilmor and Dymo are in good hands with Stanley Black and Decker.  They may get streamlined, but hopefully they’ll be around with their most popular products for another 100 years.

If and when the deal goes through, we shall see what happens with both Stanley and Irwin.

Rodcraft. Who are they?


To Lang’s surprise, many people who buy tools don’t actually know who Rodcraft are.  Well, I suppose this isn’t SO surprising as they are mainly European with only one main supplier (F G Langs!) who sell their goods in the UK.

So, as an attempt to help people with just who Rodcraft are, we’ve decided to write this post to explain and to help you discover them if you’ve never heard of them.  If you have heard of them, we hope to be informative to how large a range of equipment they produce.

So firstly…..

What do Rodcraft do?  Well this is what Rodcraft say on their website.


Since 1974, the Rodcraft brand stands for high-quality products and services. Founded in Germany, Rodcraft has grown steadily to become one of the world’s leading brands of pneumatic tools and workshop equipment dedicated to the vehicle service and industrial maintenance applications.

Through constant investment in research and development, the Rodcraft products feature many patented designs such as our composite sander series and latest impact wrenches.

With a strong European-based distribution channel, and local sales offices around the world, Rodcraft covers over 80 countries on a daily basis. We are close to our clients and able to provide fast service and support.

To ensure and guarantee long-life performance, many strict testing and quality inspections are conducted through the tool and equipment design, production and assembly stages.

When buying a Rodcraft product, you can be sure you are choosing quality and performance and getting one of the best designs available on the market today.


So now you know the background.  Rodcraft have been around for 40 years, and in a very competitive European market place.  They have only just begun to touch the UK marketplace.

What range of products do Rodcraft produce?






From small 1/4inch capacity air drills RC4105 to massive 1 1/2 inch drive impact air wrenches RC2530; Die grinders, angle grinders, percussion tools, sanders, screwdrivers, drills, impact drivers, impact wrenches, impact sockets, jacks, lights and other accessories and workshop equipment.





In Germany Rodcraft is synonymous with Desoutter and Chicago Pneumatic, known for their well built and presicion made products.  Their most popular product being the 1/2 inch drive RC2277 The Beast; boasting 1250 Nm maximum real torque in reverse,  Aluminum alloy clutch housing, Twin hammer mechanism, Full teasing trigger, NEW power setting system : 1 hand-operation, 1 position in reverse & 3 positions in forward and 360° swivel air inlet! Making it a must product for any car, bike or truck servicing center or garage when it’s so well priced @ £267.94 plus VAT (-30% discount from Langs.) £187.56 plus VAT!


So if you didn’t know who Rodcraft were, you may be surprised at how big their range is and what may interest you from their products.  Take a look at Rodcraft’s website for more information Or for UK prices and availability.