44 Clarence Road, Grays, Essex, RM17 6QL

8am to 5.30pm Monday to Friday


F. G. Lang?

F G Lang is a tool supply company that was founded by Fred Lang in 1946. Originally selling precision tools and engineering equipment, they expanded quickly along with the expansion of Thurrock and the surrounding areas of Essex. Today F G Lang supplies hand tools, power tools, air tools, materials, fastenings, both on-line and in person within their premises located in Grays.

Just after the war there was a boom time for British industry and ongoing repairs, improvements and rebuilding after the devastation that this had brought. Because Grays was on the outskirts of the London area, this was a perfect position to be in with a great deal of heavy industry within a five mile radius of Grays, from the Docks at Tilbury through to the West Thurrock power station and the Proctor and Gamble manufacturing site.

The company was intially founded in a small shop at number 14 Clarence Road in Grays; and through the rebuilding of London and the surrounding areas, the business thrived and in 1967, it was re-located to larger premises just down the road at number 44 Clarence Road, where the shop is still located today. Although, has expanded its capacity and services to meet the needs of its customers.

In recent years, British industry, our clientele, our clientele’s requirements and the local area have changed. And we, as a company, have moved on with the times; The surrounding area no longer has the manufacturing or heavy engineering of years past, now replaced with housing and retail outlets. This has meant Langs have evolved to keep pace of these changes. Going further afield, and focusing on the needs of the customer.

We asked ourselves. “Why should the customer shop at 10 different places to make their purchases? Why don’t we just forfill all their requirements? If we don’t have it, surely we can find it for them?”

And the answer was simple “They should just make one phone call, and we can supply everything!”

Part of the evolution process has been technology. Starting off, at the start, back in 1946 with our shop counter, then the introduction of our telephone sales and enquiry services. Now running a successful e-commerce site, Langs Industrial, and ebay shop ensuring we can cover the entire United Kingdom with our services.

We supply thousands of tools, goods and services. From the everyday items like milk, toilet rolls or powertools. To the unique Web design, specially tamper proof fixings or Rodcraft air tools: Within our product range we proudly supply Rodcraft products and are their sole UK distributors. We can supply their air tools, accessories, full maintenance and repair services.