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One Stop Shop

How often have you been asked for a product only to find your regular supplier doesn’t know what you’re asking for or where to find it? Or you look for what you need from B&Q, Screwfix or homebase and can never find what you want?

We are the solution and your primary hub to finding anything and everything in one place. With friendly and knowledgeable staff that understand a client’s every need.

Lightbulb moments

Giving expert knowledge and supplying the best of cutting edge solutions for any budget; from “throw away” to the obsure and hard to find.

As an independent company we aren’t constrained by a limited manufacturer or supplier database and do not push our own product ranges.

We can also provide web design, computer and server construction, and power tool repair services.

Industrial Services

Within day to day sales we supply electrical components, kitchen components both commercial and domestic, electronics, catering equipment, construction and agricultural supplies, plumbing supplies, site & commercial vehicles and machinary to list a few.

This is just scratching the surface of our services. Langs also have an industrial service division that offers a large range of industrial related services from repairs to bespoke fabrication.

We can supply anything from spares for your powertools to a box of 1″ ring nails. From a 1 1/2″ square drive heavy duty air wrench to a web site or IT services.

This ability to adapt and provide has seen us through almost 80 years of trading.

In our many years of service, we have lived to one maxim; We will never say no!

This has lead Langs as a company in strange and wonderful directions. Purchasing and supplying; Powertools, engineerng equipment, cars, vans, washing machines, cleaning services and even web design!

Over these years, Langs has become synonymous with experience and expertise. Simply put, our customers know they will get the means to do the job; the services they require, the products and even the experience of our sales team to provide the best solution.

Our telephone staff have been many years in the industry. Collating orders, checking stock, ordering products and keeping your company on schedule and in the loop. Our counter staff are even more experienced, extremly helpful and friendly. Always willing to help a customer in trouble with the benefit of experience.

Langs is dedicated to the success of your company: We believe whole-heartedly, that your company’s success and performance is a reflection from our own. And so, we provide the highest calibre goods and services possible to you and your company. Helping you get your goods on time and quality assurance for your peace of mind.

In fact, with our stringent quality control processes, we ensure all goods sent out are in high quality condition. With regulation and maintenance at the entry level we set product assurance at a high level. In fact your goods get checked three times before they get to the customer; Once, on receipt of the goods from our supplier, then a second time when the goods are picked by our sales team and then for a final time by our delivery team. Mitigating any possible mistakes.

With an ncreasing client base through the United Kingdom Langs have clients spread throughout the country, and custom increasing from abroad too. We know how important it is for our clientele to know the face and voice of the people they’re speaking with and that they know they reproduce high results each time. With friendly and knowledgeable staff that understand our clients needs and supply them the best solutions from the everyday, and throw away goods to dedicated bespoke or the obscure.

However large or small your business and it’s needs, we can and will provide exactly the service you require, dedicated and provisioned to your company’s unique requirements.

The future is an exploration of new ideas and possibilities, we as a company are ready for these coming challenges and are excited to meet whatever comes with them.

We have recently took on new challenges and aspects to our company, computer and server construction/web design/ I.T. services. This is an example of the way our company is always expanding into new territory, becoming more dynamic and continually adapting to our customers needs.

Need some new washing machines? We’ll get them.
Need a new van? We’ll get you one.
Need a computer system built for you? We’ll design and build it.
Need 3000 lengths of 10mm High tensile studding delivered to you in two days time at 10am in the morning at an address in London? Ok, where in London and give us contact details of who’s receiving the goods….



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“I have never had a problem getting what I need from these guys, staff are always willing to go the extra mile for their customers and are certainly worth 5 stars. Keep up the good work” 😊

Sam Higgins

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“Brilliant shop, loads of stock, great prices and a friendly helpful staff which is becoming hard to come by now days .”

Graham George

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“Good shop if looking for tool and materials if they don’t have it they will try there best within reason to get what you are looking for. Extremely polite and friendly staff willing to help you with your inquiries”

Bart Flaherty

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“Have used for decades, superb product range and excellent service”

Robert Wilkins

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